Snapdragon Digital Chassis demoed in a concept car at CES


As you probably know, the Qualcomm Snapdragon is a brand of SoCs that power most smartphones in the world. But the company is looking to expand its business into the automotive industry as well—for obvious reasons—the cars of the future are gonna be nothing more than a bunch of computers. And so, Qualcomm has developed the Snapdragon Digital Chassis—a suite of cloud-connected automotive platforms for telematics, connectivity, driver assistance and autonomy, available for OEMs to incorporate into their cars. At the CES 2023 Show, the company is showcasing a concept car to demo its digital chassis.

It’s a coupe-SUV style contraption with rear-hinged rear doors and EV-typical styling elements and full-width light bars. But as you probably know, this is not about the car itself but to showcase all the available technologies under the Snapdragon Digital Chassis, which includes Snapdragon Ride (ADAS features), Snapdragon Auto Connectivity (automotive 4G/5G modems, etc), Snapdragon Cockpit, Car-to-Cloud Services, C-V2X (cellular vehicle-to-everything), Positioning Solutions, etc. If you remember, Sony too did something similar in 2020—showcasing its technologies via the Vision-S concept car. But the Japanese giant ended up establishing a joint venture company with Honda to actually produce automobiles. And interestingly, the Afeela prototype uses technologies from the Snapdragon Digital Chassis.

But anyway, on the inside, the dashboard is full of digital displays (55-inches combined), of course, because remember, we are talking about the Snapdragon Digital Chassis here. The rear passengers too get their own large displays. Still not impressed? Well, how about all passengers getting a conversational virtual assistant that’s tuned into their specific audio zone? Each passenger can customize their audio zone while also benefiting from active noise and echo cancellation with engine noise suppression for an optimal listening experience. I mean, this article could go on and on, but you get the idea, right?

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