2024 Mercedes-Benz E-Class interior boasts a Superscreen


The 6th-gen W214 Mercedes-Benz E-Class is all set to go on sale in summer 2023 (June/July) in Europe, but as has been the tradition with a new Mercedes car debut these days, it’s the interior we get to fully see first. For the U.S. market? Well, no need to worry; the new E-Class is definitely coming there as well, but the launch is planned for autumn 2023 (September/October).

Of course, the new, 2024 E-Class interior does remind us of the MBUX Hyperscreen that debuted with the all-electric EQS sedan in early 2021. But here, it is not branded as ‘Superscreen’. Why? Well, I’m not entirely sure, but my guess is that people get bored with the same name after two years. Naming aside, the Superscreen, as you can probably see, is a large glass panel that houses a central touchscreen and an optional passenger display. The driver display also becomes part of this Superscreen system, but is visually made to look like it is on its own.

And do note that the Superscreen itself is an optional extra; meaning, the standard dashboard will have a different design, which also I think explains why the driver display looks the way it does here. In other words, you can have the driver display without the Superscreen.

Part of this optional Superscreen is a selfie camera you can probably notice on the top of the dashboard. When the vehicle is stationary, apparently you can participate in Webex meetings or take photos/videos. Interestingly, the 5G-ready central touchscreen comes pre-installed with apps such as TikTok, Angry Birds, Webex and Zoom. There’ll also be some optional entertainment-related services.

As you might expect with any luxury car these days, the options list is pretty big, and these include Active Ambient Lighting with Sound Visualisation; a 17-speaker Burmester 4D surround sound system; Energizing Comfort, and Thermotronic with Digital Vent Control.

The Digital Vent Control is claimed to automatically adjust the front air vents to a desired ventilation scenario. This can be done via the user profile on a seat-by-seat basis, for example.

And, part of the optional Energizing Comfort is the Motion Sickness Prevention function. The system, among other things, does some changes to the seating position to what it thinks is the best in order to make the passenger feel better.

Self-learning AI-based functionalities will also be there, of course. In addition to pre-set templates, the owners can create their own. For example, “Switch on the seat heating and set the ambient lighting to warm orange if the interior temperature is below twelve degrees Celsius”.

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