BYD DiSus System can make cars drive on 3 wheels


No, this is not about one of those viral videos of clueless people being unaware of losing a wheel and driving on three wheels. BYD has revealed what it calls the DiSus Intelligent Body Control System—which it claims to be specially developed for new energy vehicles (NEV), or in familiar terms, electrified vehicles.

The system is comprised of three main features: DiSus-C, DiSus-A and DiSus-P, all of which will be employed in BYD production models. BYD doesn’t go in-depth explaining any of these, but the DiSus-C stands for Intelligent Damping Body Control System, DiSus-A for Intelligent Air Body Control System, and finally, the DiSus-P for Intelligent Hydraulic Body Control System. There’s also another one, but we’ll talk about it in just a minute or two.

Those apparent full forms are—I think—fairly self-explanatory, but in BYD’s simple terms, it is “a systematic solution for vertical motion control”. The DiSus system offers collaborative control in body dynamics (lateral, longitudinal, and vertical motions), which provides a foundation for the future development of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), the company added.

BYD Han, BYD Tang and Denza models with the necessary hardware will be able to receive the DiSus-C feature via an OTA upgrade. The Denza N7 is gonna be blessed with DiSus-A. BTW, Denza is a brand owned 90% by BYD and 10% by Mercedes-Benz Group.


But anyway, this Defender-esque Yangwang U8 is gonna be the first model to be equipped with DiSus-P. But wait, we’re not done yet.

The Yangwang U9 equipped with DiSus-X showed off its ability to dance, jump and even drive on only three wheels. This, according to the company, is the most advanced vehicle body control system in the industry globally.

BYD tries to offer a bit more information:

As a systematic body control system, the BYD DiSus System ensures the vehicle is agile and effectively compatible in most driving scenarios, minimizing the risk of rollover and reducing the displacement of occupants during high-speed cornering, full-throttle acceleration, or emergency braking. In addition, the BYD DiSus System can protect the vehicle from scratches and damages under a variety of road conditions such as snowy, muddy, and water areas.

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