Nissan Arizon SUV concept & Pathfinder SUV concept


Would you like to find your path in the Arizon?

Nissan revealed two new SUV concepts recently: Arizon and Pathfinder, which according to the company, are specifically designed with Chinese customers in mind. Nissan didn’t bother sharing sufficient information on either of these two concepts, but will see what’s all the hoopla—starting with the Arizon, of course.

Speaking of which, the Arizon SUV concept looks like one of those low-poly 3D models you create soon after you start learning 3D tools. There are creases wherever you lay your eyes, and as you can probably see, there are no real headlights and taillights, but instead, there is an array of slanted lines that stretches across the full width of the vehicle. And, the wheels have to look just as strange—if not more, of course. There’s no B-pillar as you can also probably tell, and the rear doors are rear-hinged.

On the inside, minimalism is the order of the day, so much so that there are no physical controls whatsoever—except for the steering yoke. There are what appear to be capacitive touch controls—similar to what you’ll find in the Ariya. Speaking of Ariya, the Arizon SUV concept is also built on the same CMF EV platform.

Another key highlight of this concept is a new virtual personal assistant named Eporo—which apparently can interact with passengers in a human-like manner and provide accurate responses utilizing time, weather and other data. The concept also boasts an interactive lighting system that recognizes people and automatically adapts the illumination to suit their preferences. The lighting ambiance can also be adjusted through modes including leisure, relax, sleep and surprise.

Next up we have the Pathfinder SUV concept. The Pathfinder—as you might know—is an established SUV brand currently in its 5th generation. This new concept looks nothing like the Pathfinder we’re aware of; I mean, I don’t really see the design lineage but maybe that’s just me. The front fascia with that inverted triangle gives off a bit of Ariya vibes, but again, maybe that’s just me. However, it has to be said that the Pathfinder SUV concept has a lot cleaner design and looks near-production-ready.


Unlike the exterior design, the dashboard design of the Pathfinder SUV concept has some resemblance; I can see the lineage here. The vertical outer air vents, the steering, the displays, the central vents, and the central console design.. you get the idea, right?

This one too is probably built on the CMF EV platform, but we ain’t got any more information whatsoever. In the meantime, let us know in the comments what you think.

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