2024 Nissan Z Nismo debuts with track-focused extra stuff


Well, it was just a matter of time before the hot version of the Nissan Z (RZ34) arrived, and now it’s here showing off its Nismomanic features. The Nissan Z Nismo just went on sale in Japan (as Nissan Fairlady Z Nismo) with a price tag of JPY 9,200,400 (INR 53 lakh). The Z Nismo will also be available in the U.S. market, but you’ll have to wait until this fall. Pricing for the U.S. market will be announced later, but if you convert the Yen above, you’ll get $64,506.

Visually, the hot version of the Nissan Z wears a Nismo suit, the elements of which include a restyled grille with the thinnest honeycomb mesh of any Nissan production car; fins on the front corners; a red-painted front splitter that extends in the form of side skirts and also towards the rear bumper; restyled rear bumper corners for reduced drag benefits; a black-painted roof, and of course, gloss black 19-inch RAYS wheels.

The Z Nismo’s bodywork is available in a choice of five colors: Black Diamond Pearl, Brilliant Silver, Passion Red TriCoat, Everest White Pearl TriCoat and Nismo-exclusive Stealth Grey.


The tyres are Dunlop SP SPORT MAXX GT600, a version of which are also used on the GT-R. Behind the wheels, you’ll find uprated rotors measuring 15-inch at the front and 13.8-inch at the rear.

As for suspension and chassis upgrades, the Z Nismo has unique stabilizer bars, a stiffer spring rate and larger, retuned dampers. There are additional bracings front and rear, which are claimed to offer 2.5% increased torsional rigidity compared with the standard model. Stiffer front and rear suspension bushings, and a stiffer mounting bushing for the steering rack, further increase lateral rigidity.

The dark-themed cockpit sports a model-specific steering wheel wrapped in a combo of leather and Alcantara with a red accent at the 12 o’clock position. You can also notice Nismo-branded Recaro seats wrapped in a combo of leather and Alcantara with red contrast stitching. The digital cluster will also have model-specific graphics and start-up animation. Last but not least, the engine start/stop and drive mode selection buttons are in anodized red.

The Z Nismo packs the same VR30DDTT 3.0-litre twin-turbo V6 motor as its regular siblings, but in this application, the output figures are 309 kW (420 metric hp) and 520 Nm (383.5 lb-ft); 15 metric hp and 45 Nm more, thanks to measures including improved cooling, revised electronic wastegate control providing increased turbocharger boost and turbine speed, and an independent ignition spark timing strategy. Peak torque is delivered from 2,000 through 5,200 rpm, the company says. The Z Nismo also boasts an enhanced engine oil cooler for extended track performance.


Tranmission is a 9-speed torque converter automatic, a version of which is also used by Mercedes-Benz. In this application, Nissan says that the transmission has been enhanced for faster and more dynamic shifting performance, with a particular focus on suitability for track use. Compared with the transmission in other Z models, it has revised clutch packs allowing for faster shifting. The downshift time is also said to be reduced by almost half. Last but not least, the Z Nismo also boasts a Sport+ mode in addition to Normal and Sport modes.

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