FADA: PV retail up by 4.8% in June 2023


The Federation of Automobile Dealers Associations (FADA) has published June 2023 vehicle retail data, which shows an overall growth of nearly 10% compared with June 2022 data. The Passenger Vehicle (PV) segment, in particular, sold a total of 2,95,299 units last month, registering a YoY growth of nearly 4.8%. Tata Motors and Mahindra continue to hold their 3rd and 4th place, respectively, in the PV segment. Mahindra dealers retailed over 13,300 PVs more than Kia last month, keeping the latter in 5th place.


The three-wheeler segment continues to show the highest percentage of growth among all other segments. In fact, FADA President Manish Raj Singhania says that the month of June 2023 registered all-time highs for 3W, PV and Tractor segments when compared with all the previous June months. He also said that the shift towards alternative fuels, predominantly EVs, continues to play a significant role in driving this growth. As for the 2W segment, Mr. Singhania says that the segment wrestled with supply constraints from certain OEMs and a softer demand attributed to economic conditions and higher entry-level motorcycle costs.

OEM-wise market share data for June 2023 with YoY comparison:



FADA-commercial-vehicle-retail data-June-2023



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