Mahindra Vision Thar.e offers a glimpse of the brand’s future


As we all know, the second-gen Thar was a blockbuster success and still continues to make a significant contribution to the company’s monthly sales figures. The Thar was such a success that it pushed Suzuki’s Indian arm to finally launch the much-awaited 4th-gen Jimny (as a 5-door variant). Now that the ‘Thar’ is a well-established name when it comes to lifestyle off-roaders in the country, it is time to offer a glimpse of its future.

And apparently, that’s where the Vision Thar.e (concept) comes into the picture. It is part of the company’s Born Electric lineup of electric vehicles – to be launched in the coming years. When it comes to styling, the Thar.e (or, electric Thar, if you prefer) doesn’t really look like an electric version of the Thar we all know and love. It looks more like an armored Defender—from rear-three-quarter angles, and from the front-three-quarter angles, it looks like some upcoming product from a startup. However, notice that the electric Thar concept is being showcased in a 5-door guise.

Apparently, the sharp, geometric surfaces and near-vertical windows are to maximize the interior space. And, there’s certainly a good amount of interior space, thanks to the utilitarian, minimalistic approach for the dashboard, centre console and door panels. The fabrics contain a material made of 50% recycled PET, because, you know, you gotta have those these days. Another key highlight of the Vision Thar.e is modularity – some components of the vehicle are swappable.

The Vision Thar.e is built on what is called an INGLO platform, as would the other Born Electric products, thanks to its modularity and scalability. In case you’re not aware, the platform contains Volkswagen Group’s MEB bits. The output figures shown in the infographic above are not necessarily of the upcoming electric Thar, but the capability of the platform itself. But of course, the electric Thar is gonna offer an all-wheel-drive powertrain.

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