Mahindra Electric SUV concepts revealed with VW bits

Mahindra-BORN-electric-SUV concepts

Mahindra has announced its plans to launch five electric SUVs starting in December 2024, which will be sold under two sub-brands: XUV and BE (Born Electric). However, all these five electric SUVs will be built on a new platform called ‘INGLO’, which interestingly, will contain Volkswagen Group’s MEB platform bits. Both Mahindra and VW had signed an agreement for the same in May 2022. But anyway, these five upcoming electric SUVs are tentatively named XUV.e8, XUV.e9, BE.05, BE.07 and BE.09.

Of course, the XUV is an existing sub-brand with current offerings including XUV300 and XUV700 models. These will be joined by XUV.e8 and XUV.e9 in December 2024 and April 2025, respectively, or at least that’s the plan.

The XUV.e8 is, I guess you could say, an all-electric version of the XUV700. It measures 4740 mm long, 1900 mm wide and 1760 mm tall, with a wheelbase of 2762 mm. Of course, it’s gonna offer all-wheel-drive options as well.

The XUV.e9 is gonna be a coupe-SUV contraption with longer and wider dimensions than the e8. It’s gonna measure 4790 mm long, 1905 mm wide and 1690 mm tall, with a wheelbase of 2775 mm.

The next three are gonna be branded ‘BE’ which is short for Born Electric. The first one is gonna be BE.05 planned for October 2025, followed by BE.07 in October 2026 hopefully. And Mahindra is yet to decide on the launch date of the BE.09.

The BE.05 is gonna be a coupe-SUV with extremely chiseled surfaces. It measures 4370 mm long, 1900 mm wide and 1635 mm tall, with a wheelbase of 2775 mm.

The BE.07 is a regular crossover; meaning, you can expect more headroom for the rear occupants here. You could say it’s a more practical version of the BE.05. It measures 4565 mm long, 1900 mm wide and 1660 mm tall, with the same wheelbase of 2775 mm.

As for the BE.09, it’s gonna be a coupe-SUV as well, but Mahindra is yet to share details on this one.

However, as mentioned, all five crossovers are gonna be built on the modular INGLO platform that is claimed to offer best-in-class ride comfort (thanks to semi-active suspension), driving dynamics, safety, ADAS, and all those nice stuff.

The rear-wheel-drive models are gonna offer a power output of between 170 kW (231 metric hp) and 210 kW (285.5 metric hp), while the all-wheel-drive models boast a power output of between 250 kW (340 metric hp) and 290 kW (394 metric hp). The battery pack options are gonna be between 60 and 80 kWh. The battery pack can be DC fast-charged with up to 175 kW and 80% SoC is claimed to take 30 minutes. The battery packs are gonna pack either Blade or Prismatic type cells.

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