Suzuki e-Survivor Concept – In-depth Walkaround

Maruti Suzuki showcased the e-Survivor Concept at the 2018 Auto Expo. The e-Survivor is an electric 4WD off-roader that was originally unveiled at the last year’s Tokyo Motor Show.

At the Expo, MSIL also announced their plans to introduce electric vehicles in India by 2020. Toyota and Suzuki have signed an MOU in November 2017 for the same. Both companies have even started constructing lithium-ion battery plant in Gujarat.

At this point we don’t know whether their first EV will be an off-road vehicle, but they showcased this really cool e-Survivor concept at the Auto Expo anyway. It has got in-wheel electric motors at all four corners making it a four wheel drive. It allows for on-the-spot turning and achieves outstanding mobility – movements that were not possible with conventional 4WDs, the company said.

It has got autonomous driving capabilities too. Along with that, it can also be switched to manual mode for off-road driving at any time.


The really cool part is the interiors, which has got some futuristic stuff going on. There is a wide screen display behind the steering wheel which apparently displays navigation, online information, images, and information from the vehicle cameras. The steering wheel has got its own display as well.

At the centre, there is a spherical monitor which Suzuki says is to glance at the vehicle’s status and the road conditions. And the instrument cluster and the gear selector seems to pop inside when you lock the vehicle. The glass on the doors are switchable for privacy.

The company further said that the e-Survivor is the F.A.C.E of Suzuki’s intent for future mobility. It encompasses all future possibilities …“Four-Wheel Drive, Autonomous, Connected & Electric.”

The e-Survivor seems like a boring concept when you just look at the picture, but when you get up close and personal, it really impresses you.

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