Mean Metal Motors strikes a €3.3 Million deal with Tazzari Group


Bengaluru-based startup Mean Metal Motors seems to have finally found an investor for their ambitious M-Zero electric supercar project. Italy-based Tazzari Group which is into EVs, have decided to invest €3.3 Million (INR 24 Crore, approx.) in the project, and will also manufacture the cars for MMM.

MMM hopes to build two prototypes by 2018, and hopes for market launch by 2019. The startup consists of 4 teams from 4 different countries – Portugal, Italy, UK and India.


The company has developed and patented a composite material called CarboFlax – a combination of flax fibre and carbon fibre, which the company claims to be more efficient in absorbing vibrations. Flax fibre is a natural cellulose-based fibre whose material properties are similar to that of a glass fibre, and improves when combined within a composite.

The company is working on M Experience Zone – a VR experience zone for the interested people, where one can drive the M-Zero on various tracks and also experience its interiors. The first one will be in Bengaluru; expected to be functional from February 2017.

The M-Zero will come with a fully electric drivetrain, producing about 493 bhp. A 0-100 km/h (62 mph) sprint will happen within 3 seconds. MMM expects the M-Zero to cover 300 to 340 km (186 to 211 mi) on a single charge.

Source: MMM, AutoNDTV

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