Global NCAP – Renault Duster scores 0 Stars with No Airbags


Global NCAP has published crash test results of the India-made Renault Duster, where it has scored 0 stars with no airbags and 3 stars with a driver airbag. Both models were crash tested at 64 km/h, and the report states that the bodyshell integrity to be unstable.

Duster with No Airbags

The Duster with No Airbags has scored 0 Stars for adult protection and 2 Stars for the child protection. The report further states that the driver’s and passenger’s chest protection was marginal. The front passengers’ knees could impact with dangerous structures in the dashboard.

Duster with Driver Airbag

The Duster with a Driver Airbag has scored 3 Stars for adult protection and 2 Stars for the child protection. According to the report, the protection offered to the driver head was adequate due to unstable airbag contact. However, driver chest protection was weak. Passenger’s head protection was good and chest protection was marginal.

For the child safety, the report for both models states that the child seat for a 3 year old child was unable to prevent excessive forward movement during the impact.

Surprisingly, the Duster had scored 4 Stars with a driver airbag in Latin NCAP ratings in 2015, and the reason is the larger airbag size of the Latin American model compared to the India-spec model.

Currently, the Duster sold in India doesn’t come with airbags as standard. The mid RxL gets a driver airbag and the dual front airbags are exclusive to the RxS and RxZ.

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