BMW issues statement on US Withdrawal from Paris Agreement


“Protecting the environment and economic prosperity must go hand-in-hand in the future”, said BMW in a statement issued on US Withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement.

BMW says that the company has a long-standing and unwavering commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. This applies to the production operations and continuous improvements in fuel economy, and reduced emissions from the vehicles.

“As a business player, the BMW Group has over many years engaged in the international business and policy dialogue leading up to the Paris Agreement. The Group welcomed the conclusion of the Paris Climate Agreement.

Despite challenges and disappointments, there is no doubt, combating global warming requires the collaboration of all players at a global level – national, regional as well as government and private sector.

As in the past, BMW will continue to work at an international level – including with US stakeholders – to facilitate the reduction of greenhouse gases and address global warming.”

“The BMW Group commitment to sustainability, to our customers and to the markets we serve around the world will not change”, added the statement.

And Elon Musk said this –

Musk left President Trump’s council and said “I’ve done all I can to advise directly to POTUS, through others in WH & via councils, that we remain”.

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