GST: Toyota Fortuner cheaper by Rs 2,17,000, Innova Crysta by Rs 98,500


Automakers are busy revising the prices as the GST has come into effect. While many of them had announced the revised prices almost a month ago, few of them were waiting for the things to be more clear.

Under GST, large cars and SUVs will attract a tax of 43%, compared to the earlier 55%. As a result, the Fortuner is now cheaper by up to Rs 2,17,000, while the Innova Crysta by up to Rs 98,500. The Corolla Altis sedan has got a price cut of up to Rs 92,500. With these new prices in effect, the much-loved Fortuner and Innova Crysta will sell even more.

However, the hybrid cars have taken the hit. Surprisingly, the hybrids which promote green motoring, will attract the same 43% tax, on par with luxury cars. There is an increase of 12.7%, which is without a doubt a massive number. Toyota has been selling Camry Hybrid and Prius Hybrid for a quite a while now. In fact, the Camry Hybrid outsells its standard petrol model. With such a high tax, the Camry Hybrid gets a price hike of over Rs 5.2 lakh, while the Prius (CBU import) is expensive by over Rs 6 lakh.

As the implementation date was nearing, there were reports of automakers meeting the GST council, for a request to reconsider the high tax on hybrids. It didn’t seem to have worked, and the question mark still remains as to why such a big number for them and what sense does it make.

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