McLaren F1 successor will be called ‘Speedtail’, carries £1.6 million tag


McLaren’s next Ultimate Series car, so far known as BP23, is now officially christened ‘Speedtail’. The British sports car maker claims it to be the world’s first “Hyper-GT”.


Couple of months ago, all 106 future owners of the Speedtail received this BP23 sculpture while they wait for the actual one. The sculpture hints at the Speedtail’s interior, which has a three-seat cockpit design with a central driving position – same layout as the F1.

Also, McLaren didn’t hesitate to reveal the price tag – £1.6 million plus taxes, and as always, the McLaren Special Operations (MSO) is all set “to facilitate limitless possibilities”.

A public reveal is expected at the end of this year, but obviously, the 106 people who ordered the car will be invited to see it first.

The McLaren F1, which was also produced in 106 numbers, had a 6.1-litre V12 from BMW. The Speedtail however, will have a petrol-electric (hybrid) powertrain. McLaren is confident that the Speedtail will achieve the highest top speed of any McLaren yet, with the capability to exceed the 243 mph peak speed of the F1. It’ll also be the fastest (in a straight line) and the most luxurious McLaren ever.

Unsurprisingly, all Speedtails or BP23s were allocated even before the car was officially announced to the media.

Also, McLaren and BMW announced a fresh collaboration last year. Does that mean the Speedtail too will have a BMW engine?

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