Video explains how internet is misjudging new Toyota Supra

A lot of times, two different things can seem all the same. No, its not just about the cars, let’s forget them for a second. Take the terms badge-engineering/rebadging and co-development for example, they’re two different things.


Yet, when it comes to new Toyota Supra, the internet is simply writing it off as just a rebadged BMW Z4. Is it really? During the development phase, the new Supra was mostly (if not always) spotted together with the Z4, suggesting a joint development and not a mere rebadging.

The video above from Albon explains more in detail on how the collaboration started and how the teams from Toyota and BMW worked closely on development of chassis, engine and other parts to ensure quality and reliability. Most importantly, the video showcases how the new Supra is being misjudged by the internet.

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