Rivian R1T showcases its Tank Turn feature

Maneuvering a pickup truck can be challenging sometimes, especially when you want to make a quick U-turn in urban areas. What matters the most is its turning radius, or is it? What if you could simply spin the truck around its own axis? Rivian is showcasing the Tank Turn feature on the R1T pickup truck, which does exactly that.

The truck spins around its own axis as if some kind of a hydraulic lift deployed from underneath the vehicle body spins the truck. The Tank Turn is possible because of the R1T’s quad electric motors, one at each wheel. Just think about your office chair and you’ll probably understand how it works. Although the wheels don’t turn themselves, it’s about the braking. Rivian says that the feature is available on the R1S too.

Understandably, this feature can be used only on certain (loose) surfaces and not on asphalt. Should be fine, the R1T is intended for adventures after all.

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So far, Rivian’s investors include T. Rowe Price ($1.3 billion), Amazon ($700 million), Ford ($500 million), and Cox Automotive ($350 million). Rivian is also developing electric delivery vans for Amazon with deliveries starting in 2021.

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