Ghosn: Freedom no matter how it happens, is always sweet

As announced, Carlos Ghosn is now speaking to the media after his escape from Japan in December 2019. Speaking to English journalist Richard Quest, Mr. Ghosn maintains that he didn’t escape the justice system, but rather he escaped seeking justice. He says that he cannot be considered a “fugitive” because he escaped injustice.

Ghosn adds that he’s willing to stand trial for the allegations against him in a country that would respect his rights.

As for the rumors of his escape involving a train trip to Osaka, a hotel room, a box, and two private jets, Ghosn says that he would not like to comment on that in order to protect the people involved in helping him. However, he says that the rumors of a music band coming to his house were inaccurate.

“There was zero chance of getting a fair trial”. “I was not running from Justice, I was looking for Justice,” Ghosn said. In addition, the main reasons he says that led to his escape from Japan were that the date of the trial was not fixed, and not being allowed to contact or see his wife.

“I was under their (Japanese) control all the time, I had zero rights, I didn’t have a phone, no internet, I couldn’t see my wife, I was monitored all the time, I had followers all the time”.

“Greg Kelly doesn’t know when the trial starts,” he adds. Ghosn said that he couldn’t help Kelly as there was no way of contacting him.

Answering the question whether he was afraid of the plan going wrong, Ghosn said that he had nothing to lose as his situation in Japan was already bad.

Quest: “I’m just gonna go for this and hope that you’ll give me an answer,” “What was it like in the packing case?” Ghosn: *chuckles* “No comment, look, freedom, no matter the way it happens, is always sweet.”

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