Toyota to build more H2 stations in California ahead of Mirai launch


2021 Toyota Mirai will be arriving at dealers later this year

Toyota is all set to introduce the second generation Mirai in the United States and wants to make sure that there are a decent number of hydrogen fueling stations in the country. Which is why the company has teamed-up with Iwatani Corporation to build more stations in Southern California.


The construction of 7 new stations is expected to commence in 2021, and the stations will deploy the latest ‘H2Station‘ hydrogen fuel dispensing technology by Nel Hydrogen, the company said. Each station will have two fueling positions and each will be capable of supplying up to 900 kg (1,984 lbs) of hydrogen per day.

This expansion is Iwatani’s largest to date single investment in California and will bring the company’s total global hydrogen refueling station network to 64.

Iwatani is truly privileged to collaborate with Toyota and Nel Hydrogen, two leaders in the Hydrogen Society, to bring world-class, hydrogen refueling technology to the California mobility market. The seven new stations in California are the latest demonstration of Iwatani’s commitment to investing in California’s light and heavy-duty hydrogen infrastructure and to create new jobs in the state. – Joseph S. Cappello, CEO of Iwatani Corporation of America

Expanding the refueling station infrastructure in California is evidence of the growing demand for zero-emission vehicles, we look forward to supporting Iwatani America in this next phase. Our second generation and all-new 2021 Toyota Mirai will be arriving at dealers later this year, so it’s the perfect time to grow the hydrogen fueling network. – Doug Murtha, Toyota Motor North America’s group vice president of corporate strategy and planning

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