VW begins production of electric drive units for ID.4 in China


That’s right. Volkswagen is not only locally producing the ID.4 in China, but also the components required for it. The components factory in Tianjin has started producing the modular APP 310 drive unit, which packs the e-motor, the gearbox and related electronics into a compact casing — pretty similar to BMW’s 5th gen electric drivetrain. VW’s APP 310 modular unit offers an output of 204 hp (150 kW) and 310 Nm (229 lb-ft) of torque.


With the start of production on the APP 310 at our components site in Tianjin, we are accelerating the electric mobility movement not only in the regional market but also for the Group as a whole. Our presence in the key markets enables us to react flexibly and efficiently to the needs of our customers. In this way, Volkswagen Group Components is making a major contribution to the Group’s electrification campaign. – Thomas Schmall, CEO of Volkswagen Group Components

As for the other markets such as Europe and North America, the APP 310 unit is being produced in Kassel, Germany.

Read about the China-spec ID.4 and ID.4 X here.

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