Toyota GR Yaris already appears in the used market in UK


Love it or hate it, the seller wants to flip it!

The Toyota GR Yaris hot hatch is the hottest car of 2020, for all the right reasons. Forget any other car, supercar or hypercar that debuted in 2020, the GR Yaris is the one that many across the globe want. But, Toyota decided to sell the WRC homologation special only in Europe and Japan.

Toyota is producing the GR Yaris in limited numbers, which makes it a bit of a challenge to get a hold of one. A seller in the UK wants to take advantage of this situation and has put one on sale, hoping to find someone who’s desperate to own the hot hatch. According to the seller, “the car has covered only 70 delivery miles (113 km)”. The GR Yaris in the UK starts at £29,995, and the one on sale here features the ‘Circuit Pack’ that costs an additional £3,500. According to reports, the seller is asking £42,500 — a profit of £9,005!

Source: The Hairpin Company, PistonHeads

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