Third Peugeot Design Lab opens in São Paulo


After Shanghai and San Francisco, Peugeot Design Lab has opened a third satellite studio in São Paulo, Brazil. The company said that the new studio will cater to regional demands for non-automotive products and will work in collaboration with the main studio in Paris and the aforementioned two satellite studios.

For the uninitiated, the design studio not only designs automobiles but also yachts, watches and even grinders. Because, of course, why should Porsche Design have all the fun? The company has worked with some prestigious clients, including Airbus, Pleyel pianos and Bénéteau.


In 2015, the Peugeot Design Lab unveiled the stunning Airbus H160 helicopter. Its styling is essentially a modernized version of the Dauphin helicopter, whose characteristic nose got a contemporary touch. The futuristic silhouette is enhanced by the tapered windows.

The Design Lab also created this beauty for Pleyel piano company. Apparently, the audience can see the artist playing from any angle, for the first time in the history of the pianos. Also, it has been designed in such a way that the pianist can hear the sound of his instrument with better quality.

Another impressive project the studio did is for Bénéteau. Called the Sea Drive Concept, it integrates Peugeot’s automotive tech such as the i-Cockpit and a compact steering wheel. A large 17-inch touchscreen displays the Ship Control interface and offers immediate access to the boat’s electronic features. There’s also a removable tablet to display navigation information in the captain’s line of sight.

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