Cartoon-ishly cute Morris Mini Shorty is up for sale


A large percentage of modified cars that show up in the used car market fall either into weird or wacky category; take the Jerrari, for example. However, some cars don’t fit into neither of those categories, as they are borderline “cute”. I think the Morris Mini Shorty is a good example of that.

This cartoon-ish looking contraption is reportedly up for sale in the UK. Someone decided that a 1968 Morris Mini wasn’t already “mini” enough and chopped off the wheelbase, rear side windows and seats, and essentially shrunk the car into what it has become now. Needless to say, it looks cute. Those wheel arch extensions remind me of the Japanese tuner Liberty Walk.

Reportedly, it retains the stock 1.0-litre in-line 4-cylinder engine that offers around 40 hp, which I think is a respectable number for what is essentially a quadricycle.

Source: Car Throttle

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