Honda Sensing gets updated to Honda Sensing 360


Makes more sense now?

Honda has updated its Honda Sensing suite of ADAS to Honda Sensing 360 which claims to offer expanded sensing range not just at the front and rear but omnidirectionally around the vehicle. This according to Honda, has been achieved by adding a total of five units of millimeter-wave radar at the front and at each corner of the vehicle, in addition to a monocular camera which is used by the current Honda Sensing.


This expanded sensing range covers blind spots around the vehicle which would be difficult for the driver to visually check, and contributes to avoiding collisions with other vehicles and pedestrians, Honda said. The first application of the Honda Sensing 360 will begin with the Chinese market in 2022—most likely with the production version of the SUV e:prototype, followed by gradual expansion to all major markets by 2030.


The Honda Sensing 360 includes a further developed version of the Collision Mitigation Braking System (CMBS) which can detect hazards from all directions around the vehicle; Front Cross Traffic Warning which can detect vehicles approaching to cross the intersection from the sides and front; Lane Change Collision Mitigation which can detect the risk of collision with a vehicle approaching from the blind spot behind the vehicle and also offer steering assistance to avoid collision; Active Lane Change Assist which can assist the driver with the steering for a lane change depending on the conditions; and Cornering Speed Assist which can detect the curvature of the lane before reaching the curve and assist the driver in smooth cornering.

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