Apocalypse Dark Horse is a Ford Bronco 6×6


Just like how the BMW X6 started this whole coupe-SUV thing, the G 63 6×6 started the six-wheel-drive truck thing, arguably. What’s the one thing that’s common between the two? That’s right, both are completely unnecessary; nobody knows exactly why we need any of these. While the established OEMs continue to churn out coupe-SUVs on a regular basis, it’s the tuners and boutique manufacturers who are interested in making these 6x6s.

And so, Florida-based 6×6 vehicle maker Apocalypse Manufacturing has taken the new Bronco and transformed it into a 6×6 pickup truck named Dark Horse.

Besides an extra axle, the Dark Horse Ford Bronco boasts an upgraded suspension with a 4.0-inch lift, and 37-inch M/T tires. The vehicle’s bumper-to-bumper length reportedly measures 225-inches (5.7 metres). Also, the 3.0L V6 twin-turbo makes 298 kW (405 metric hp) here, thanks to a new ECU software, larger injectors, increased boost pressure and a new exhaust.

Via Motor1

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