Toyota Alphard-lookalike Skorpius AS100 debuts in Indonesia


Apparently, small electric cars are getting pretty “big” in Indonesia, as automotive retailers in the country are placing orders from China for lookalike car kits. You probably remember the Range Rover-lookalike small EV that debuted in Indonesia last month. This time, it’s the Toyota Alphard-lookalike called the Skorpius AS100.

The Skorpius AS100 is gonna be retailed by Hascar Automotive Group which is reportedly a Jeep retailer in the country. The company is gonna locally assemble the AS100 using CKD kits. There’s no information available (yet) on the original manufacturer of this vehicle, and neither there’s any info available yet on the technical specifications.

The AS100 appears to be of the kei car size, so don’t expect too much anyway. Reportedly, the AS100 is still going through the homologation process in the country, and more details are expected once that is done.

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