Bugatti Chiron Tourbillon might be the most expensive watch on sale in India!


In case you missed the story, NYC-based jewelry and watchmaker Jacob & Co. has created the ‘Bugatti Chiron Tourbillon’ watch, which houses a miniature replica of the Chiron‘s massive W16 engine. It’s not just a static replica, FYI, the pistons move up and down, plus there are two tiny turbochargers for additional drama.

It’s an animation that lasts for about 20 seconds. Globally, Jacob & Co. is selling six variants of this limited edition watch: Bugatti Chiron Tourbillon, Bugatti Chiron Tourbillon Titanium, Bugatti Chiron Tourbillon Rose Gold, Bugatti Chiron Tourbillon Blue Titanium, Bugatti Chiron Tourbillon White Ceramic and Bugatti Chiron Tourbillon White Gold.


I’m told that outside India, the watch is priced at US$ 1.3 million which translates to 1.04 crore in Indian money. But Ethos has listed the watch for an eye-watering 3.34+ crore, which could make this the most expensive watch currently on sale in the country. I guess the import duties and other taxes have tripled the asking price. Ethos has also listed the Rose Gold version for the same price.

Source: Ethos

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