Nissan Z GT4 is almost ready to hit racetracks in 2023


Nissan has revealed a racing version of the new Z, which is all set to hit the racetracks in 2023. But we only have the exterior of the racer to talk about now, because Nissan has reserved the technical details for the 2022 SEMA show in November.

Visually, the racing version differentiates from the road car with an additional splitter, canards, hood vents, a large rear wing, a race-spec rear bumper, and of course, its own gigantic exhaust pipe. Just like the styling itself, the livery is also very simple. The wheels are different from those on the road car.


As mentioned, we’ve to wait for technical details, but Nissan said that the Nismo engineers tuned the VR30DDTT engine, optimized its chassis and suspension, enhanced its aerodynamics to the limit of regulations and created a cockpit that works for drivers of all types.

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