400th Bugatti Chiron is a green Chiron Super Sport


I know, I know, there’s nothing “green” about an 8.0L W16 quad-turbo-powered hypercar, but what I meant is that the 400th Bugatti Chiron is a green-painted Chiron Super Sport. Actually, it’s not even a paint, it is more of a dark green-tinted carbon fibre. As you know, the Chiron comes in multiple flavors, such as Chiron (OG, 2016), Chiron Sport (2018), Chiron Super Sport 300+ (2019), Chiron Pur Sport (2020), Chiron Super Sport (2021), and special editions 110 Ans Bugatti (2019), Chiron Noire (2019) and Les Légendes du Ciel (2020). Regardless of the flavor you choose, the ‘Chiron’ nameplate is limited to 500 units, so the OG Chiron owners no need to worry about losing any exclusivity.

But anyway, as mentioned, the 400th Bugatti Chiron is a Chiron Super Sport featuring a dark green-tinted carbon fibre body—paired with magnesium wheels—finished in a subtle Nocturne shade. Bugatti reminds us that creating the carbon fibre body panels is not an easy job, because the weave of the panels must align with the neighboring panels—creating an unbroken flow across the car’s body. And in order to achieve that, each sheet must be cut at a specific point and in a specific way.

For the cockpit, the customer has opted for a full leather upholstery combination split of Green and Beluga Black for the seats. Elsewhere, Beluga Black dominates the interior, subtly contrasted with touches such as naked carbon fibre steering wheel top and bottom and Black Anodized accents. The customer has also opted for the Sky View roof.

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