Mahindra Thar petrol loses Mechanical Locking Differential


I know, I’m completely in agreement with you that a product should only get better over time. But unfortunately, that has not been the case with the second-gen Mahindra Thar. Ever since it debuted in late 2020, there have only been deletions. First, it was the deletion of base trims: AX Standard and AX, followed by the deletion of the contrasting middle part of the bumpers. The bumpers are now black (monotone) as opposed to two-tone originals. Rocky Beige and Mystic Copper exterior colors were thrown out too.

Mahindra-Thar-USB-ports2020 vs 2022. Notice the difference? (No, not the shifter)

Then comes the deletion of a USB port (from two ports to just one). Still not a big deal, right? Well, Mahindra sells the Thar using jargons and catchphrases such as “legendary capability”, “all-terrain, all day”, and “can tame any terrain”, but went ahead and did the most stupid thing imaginable: deleting the Mechanical Locking Differential (MLD)! If you see the 2020 and 2021 brochures, it is included as standard in both AX OPT and LX trims.


The updated brochure mentions that the MLD is only optional on the diesel LX trim, while the petrol no longer gets it, not even as an option on the LX. Why not even as an option?! I’ve no clue. You still do get Electronic Brake Locking Differential on the LX trims, but come on dude, you also gotta have a mechanically locking rear diff, right?

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