This 6th gen Mazda 323 wagon teaches an important life lesson

Bruised and battered beyond recognition, but keeps going.

As you might have experienced already, life lessons can be found everywhere around us, and in most cases, these lessons are an outcome of unexpected incidents. In your lifetime you come across different people that teach you all different kinds of lessons that were not part of your school syllabus; some of those you’re glad you learned and some you wish never happened. But I guess we all have to go through life lessons whether we like them or not. And, look at this dude somewhere in Africa (I’m guessing) still running this 6th-gen Mazda 323 wagon!

Of course, there’s nothing surprising about a 3-decade-old Japanese car still functioning, but this particular example is bruised and battered beyond recognition, but keeps going like it’s just another Tuesday morning. It has got no radiator cap, no air filter, and guess what? no fuel tank either (has a makeshift tank in the boot made of a small plastic can). And if those are not bad enough, the steering wheel doesn’t function properly too; it has a dead-zone of like 50-degrees.

A car like this is normally classified as a “death trap” and shouldn’t be encouraged to be on public roads, I agree, but I can’t help being amazed by its continued functioning despite all the torture it has been put through. It appears that the current owner of the car is trying his best to keep the car going with the limited resources available to him.

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