2024 Porsche Panamera shows its new interior


Porsche is planning to unveil the new Panamera on 24 November 2023, but before that, the company wants us all to check out the interiors. I’m not entirely sure at the moment if this is a thorough facelift of the second-gen model or the third-gen model with significant differences, although the official press release suggests it could be the latter. But either way, let’s find out what’s all the hoopla.

Speaking of which, there’s a brand new dashboard, of course, but it appears that the designers have played it safe by not making any radical changes to the layout. It looks pretty much the same, isn’t it? I mean, the instrument cluster has the same UX, the touchscreen is in the same place, and the steering wheel looks pretty much the same.. you see what I’m talking about, right? But obviously, it’s not exactly the same thing. If you look again carefully, the driver display is now a curved, fully-digital 12.6-inch unit (Taycan has a larger 16.8-inch unit). You can also notice that there’s a passenger display (most likely will be an optional extra), which makes the dashboard look very similar to that of the Taycan.


The control panel on the centre console has also been redesigned (combines touch surfaces and physical switches), as are the air vents. These air vents are now “finless” and are electrically adjustable (*facepalm*). Where’s the PRNDL selector? Well, it has been moved next to the touchscreen, as was the case with the redesigned Cayenne we saw not too long ago. This new, simplified design opens up some extra storage space in the centre console.

Other key highlights of this upcoming model include more comfy seats, thanks to improved seat foam materials, plus, depending on the model, the rear passengers get newly contoured rear seats with optimized seating position for long-distance rides. Material choices include leather-free options, one of which combines Race-Tex and Pepita fabric.

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