Watch Vladimir Putin board his new limo in style

One of the most powerful and influential people on earth, Vladimir Putin today took the oath as the President of Russia, for the fourth time. During the inauguration of his new term, Putin took the opportunity to show off his new limousine.

More than the limousine, Putin’s boarding of the limousine and his motorcade was more dramatic. Understandably, the information about his new luxury is extremely scarce. So far, it was known as the “Kortezh” project or cortege in English, meaning a motorcade or procession. The limousine now wears “Aurus” badge.


Although the Aurus reminds of the Rolls-Royce Phantom, there is no (official) association with the aforementioned British luxury brand whatsoever. However, according to several reports, the limousine packs a Porsche developed engine under the hood. The Moscow-based automotive research institute ‘NAMI’, has developed the Presidential state car.

Unlike the other Presidential state cars, the Aurus will be available in limited numbers to wealthy Russian citizens too, reportedly.

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