Honda City achieves 7 lakh cumulative sales in India


Honda Cars India Ltd (HCIL) today announced that its bestselling sedan Honda City has sold 7 lakh units since its first introduction in the country in 1998.

The car, now in its 4th generation (6th generation globally), enjoys a huge brand loyalty and a special place in the hearts of the customers, said Honda. India being the largest and most important market for the Honda City, currently accounts for over 25% of the car’s worldwide sales.

With a strong legacy of four generations, the City brand has evolved with the changing tastes and aspirations of our customers. We thank all our City customers for their patronage of the brand. – Yoichiro Ueno, President & CEO, HCIL

Cumulative sales milestone Achievement
First introduction January 1998
100,000 sales March 2005
200,000 sales October 2007
300,000 sales March 2010
400,000 sales September 2012
500,000 sales November 2014
600,000 sales February 2017
700,000 sales and counting October 2017
Generation-wise cumulative sales 7 lakhs Fuel type
1st Generation City (1998 – 2003) 59,378 Petrol
2nd Generation City (2003 – 2008) 177,742 Petrol
3rd Generation City (2008 – 2013) 192,939 Petrol
4th Generation City (2014 – Present) 269,941 Petrol/Diesel

As we can see above, the diesel was introduced only in 2014. The City is sold in over 60 countries, registering cumulative sales of 3.6 million units.

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