A new Maserati will debut in May 2020 with in-house developed engine


After bidding goodbye to the GranTurismo with a special one-off Zéda, Maserati has got back working on a new car that’ll debut in May 2020.

Looking at the camouflaged test mules, the new car doesn’t appear to be the production version of the Alfieri, as it looks very different. That said, the camouflaged front bumper we’re seeing here might not be the final one.


The car does give Alfa Romeo vibes from some angles. The more interesting part is, of course, its powertrain. Maserati says that the new car will have a new powertrain entirely developed and built in-house at Maserati. Meaning, it’ll not borrow the engines from Ferrari or from anyone under the FCA umbrella.

Whether it is naturally aspirated or turbocharged or electrified, we don’t know yet. “The engine is 100% Maserati,” the company said in an official release.

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