Sony films Vision-S road testing with its new Airpeak drone

Besides the Vision-S prototype, another surprise Sony had last year to share was entering the drone industry with a new ‘Airpeak’ line of drones. Well, at this year’s virtual CES show, the company has officially revealed the drone, claimed to be the world’s smallest drone capable of carrying the Alpha line of cameras.

As you can tell, the first Airpeak drone is aimed at professionals (ad filmmakers, movie companies, etc) and Sony is seeking partners in the United States and Japan to collaborate and make the product better with the testers’ feedback.

Also, the company is taking the opportunity to test/showcase both the drone and the Vision-S prototype by filming the latter’s road testing in Europe. As for the car, Sony’s intentions still seem a bit puzzling. The official statement said the following – “Towards mobility evolution, Vision-S has reached the next stage. Public road testing commenced in Austria with Sony and partners to evaluate safety and Sony technologies.”

The finished film is embedded below –

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