Mercedes-Benz BEV sales grew 155% in 2021


Mercedes-Benz delivered a total of 2,054,962 vehicles (including smart brand and vans division) in 2021, which is a decline of about 5% compared with 2020 data, but, of the total sales, 99,301 vehicles were BEVs (including smart models and vans), which is a growth of 154.8% compared with 2020 data. The company also shared that the all-electric flagship sedan EQS has accumulated nearly 16,370 orders ever since it went on sale in August 2021.

The lack of semiconductors delayed the supply of vehicles despite strong demand for passenger cars and vans in all segments and across all regions, and as a result, sales in the fourth quarter decreased by 24.7%, the company said.


Of course, the ICE models have also put on a good show last year. The S-Class sales rose by 40% to 87,064 units, with sales in China accounting for 35.5% of the global demand, while G-Class sales surged to a new record of 41,174 units. AMG models accounted for 145,979 units (+16.7%), while the Maybach division with 15,730 units registered a growth of 50.7% last year—thanks to China where Maybach models are apparently selling at a rate of more than 900 a month.

Sales in the Asia-Pacific region fell to 1,009,763 (-1.6%) between January and December reaching 758,863 units (-2%) in China. In Europe, sales reached 696,136 (-11.2%) of which Germany accounted for 213,105 units (-25.5%) while sales in the North American region totaled 318,456 units (+0.3%) with 276,102 passenger cars delivered to customers in the United States (+0.4%).

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