Pure EV electric scooter catches fire


It’s summer here in India and the electric two-wheelers are on fire, literally. According to multiple reports, four fire incidents have been reported in the month of March 2022, including the Ola S1 Pro in Pune and the Pure EV ePluto in Chennai we are seeing here. Pure EV is a Hyderabad-based company that sells a couple of e-scooters, with the ePluto being a popular one.

These incidents tell us just one thing, and that is, we need a better or a specific cooling solution for a country like India where the temperatures can exceed 40°C during the day in summer. You can’t just buy a company from Europe or China and start selling here without making adequate modifications specific to the region.

I think the buyers also need to take some extra care during summer, such as not parking under the direct sun for a long time, and maybe even strapping a small fire extinguisher near the footrest area. Lithium-ion batteries must not be subjected to overheating, no matter where they are. That’s why in our smartphones and cameras, a safety function shuts down camera functionalities when the device gets overheated.

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