2023 Honda CR-V interior teased ahead of its July debut


The Honda CR-V is getting a thorough update for 2023 in the U.S. market, and Honda has released a teaser image for us to talk about while we wait until July 12, 2022, for more details. Honda uses the term “all-new” for the 2023 CR-V, which means we are not entirely sure if it’s a 6th-gen model or simply a 5th-gen model with significant updates. Either way, July 12th is not too far away.


The teaser image is of the interior, of course, especially of the dashboard. And if you’ve seen any latest Honda models, such as the 11th gen Civic lineup and the 2023 HR-V, the 2023 CR-V teaser doesn’t really tease you or surprise you in any way, because it looks very familiar now. That said, it’s a fairly contemporary and chic-looking dashboard, so why not re-use it for all new models? But anyway, notice red contrast stitching on the seats, steering wheel and on the shift gaiter as well, suggesting that we’re looking at a sporty variant.

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