Toyota C-HR prologue debuts with quirkier styling


The quirky Toyota C-HR has been spreading its quirkiness since 2016 and the time has now arrived to double down on that quirkiness with the C-HR prologue. It is unclear at the moment whether the C-HR prologue is gonna replace the regular C-HR or will it be a new iteration. But in the meantime, let’s talk about the other things Toyota (barely) shared.

The C-HR prologue sports a Hammerhead shark-inspired face that is slowing becoming Toyota’s new design language. The bZ4X electric SUV and the 5th gen Prius are the latest Toyota production models featuring this design lanuage, and of course, there are more models coming up that were previewed last year. The C-HR prologue appears to be a further evolved version of the Small SU EV concept Toyota showcased a year ago. This one too is designed at the Toyota Europe Design Development (ED²) in France.

The concept brings a third color accent of sulphur over the silver and recycled carbon black. From the very outset, it was designed to stand out in a tri-color option, the company said.

Toyota is not showing the interior design just yet, but you can expect it to be just as quirky, if not more. The information on the C-HR prologue’s powertrain options is a bit unclear at the moment, but if my understanding is correct, there’ll be HEV and PHEV options.

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