Maruti working on a Kwid rival?

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There’s no denying the fact that Renault Kwid has eaten into the sales of Maruti’s entry segment, so much so that it appears to have given the management some sleepless nights. The SUV-inspired design which looked like nothing else on the road, and its big brother Duster’s popularity contributed hugely to the Kwid’s success. Though largely a hatch country, India loves SUVs. Some even went to an extent of calling their Kwid a “mini Duster”. And that’s precisely why Maruti needs a new car despite having the 800 and 1000 cc models in its portfolio. The Alto 800, K10 and Celerio are getting a bit long in the tooth, and quite frankly, look boring in front of the Kwid both inside-out.

And look at the Kwid, it offers a MediaNAV touchscreen infotainment with navigation and bluetooth telephony. So, Maruti needs a ‘real’ competitor to go against the Kwid. This new model which Maruti is rumoured to be burning the midnight oil on, will have SUV-inspired design cues with an upright stance, and will feature an 800 cc or a 1000 cc engine. Maruti’s new Kwid rival is expected to be unveiled sometime in 2018.

What’s in the looks? Ask Hyundai.

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