Top 10 most valuable car brands 2017


London based business valuation consultancy firm Brand Finance has released the annual report on world’s most valuable brands for the year 2017, and here are the car brands which made it to the global 500 list. Several factors are taken into consideration for this list, such as, familiarity, loyalty, promotion, marketing investment, staff satisfaction and corporate reputation.

1. Toyota 


Volkswagen might have taken over Toyota in volumes, but that didn’t stop the Japanese giant from topping the world’s most valuable car brand charts. With a brand value of $46,255 Million, Toyota stands at No. 12 for the year 2017 with an increase of 7%. The brand stood at No. 11 in 2016.

2. BMW


The second spot has been grabbed by the Bavarians. With $37,124 Million in brand value, BMW stands at 17 on the list with an increase of 6%, compared to 15 in the previous year.

3. Mercedes-Benz


Taking the 3rd position are the folks from Stuttgart. With $35,544 Million in brand value, Mercedes-Benz stands at No. 21 in the global 500 list with an increase of 11%, compared to No. 20 previous year.

4. Volkswagen


The “2016 global car sales” crown holder Volkswagen takes 41st place in the 2017 list with a brand value of $25,014 Million – an increase of 32%, and rising 15 positions from 2016.

5. Ford


With a brand value of $22,432 Million, the car maker from Michigan retains 46th position in the list for the second consecutive year, with an increase of 13%.

6. Honda


Another Japanese automaker making it to the list is Honda. With a brand value of $21,318 Million, Honda stands at 52 in the list, down 3 positions from 2016, with an increase of 10%.

7. Audi


Standing at No. 108 in the list is VW Group’s Audi. The brand rose 11 positions from 2016.

8. Porsche


The cousins stand next to each other. Porsche stands at No. 109 in the 2017 list, rising an impressive 223 positions from the previous year.

9. Chevrolet


Another American in the list is GM’s Chevrolet standing at No. 119, compared to 140 in 2016.

10. Renault


The French car maker stands at 135 in the 2017 global 500 list, compared to 171 in 2016.

Mitsubishi Group (35), Hyundai Group (60), and Tata Group (103) made it to the list as well, but they made it as a Conglomerate. Other car brands which made it to the list are Subaru (179), Ferrari (258), Lexus (350), Suzuki (358), Isuzu (402), Rolls-Royce (473), and Volvo (491).


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