Jeep helps villagers vote in India

One of the best ways to get someone to trust you is to help them in some way, show them that you care; tell them that you’re someone they can count on when there seems to be no hope. You might not necessarily expect something in return; you just do it for a good feeling.

When it comes to the Indian automotive scene, it has always been a rocky ride (literal or otherwise) for the carmakers to get the buyers to trust them. A big percentage of buyers here think over a 100 times before buying anything other than a Maruti Suzuki or a Hyundai. They might have some good reasons after all.

However, FCA tasted success with the Jeep brand in India, with the Compass. An attractive base price and an impressive road presence won the Indian customer in no time. At this point, the Compass is probably the only product that is keeping FCA going in India.

Which is probably why they decided to go off-road and help some of the villagers in the country to vote for the 2019 general election. It apparently took multiple trips and some 800 km of total driving to ferry the villagers to their nearest polling booth. It doesn’t matter whom they voted for; the experience is something they’re not gonna forget in a hurry.

Whoever from the PR/Marketing team came up with the idea, certainly deserves a pay rise. I genuinely liked it.

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