Ferrari’s new patent reveals a modular EV architecture


One of the secret projects Ferrari might be working on right now is an electric vehicle, or at least a new EV architecture. A patent (EP3597464A1) filed by Ferrari in July 2019 on behalf of 3 inventors has been discovered recently.

The patent reveals a modular front and rear electric axle, which it claims to be suitable not only for BEVs but also for hybrid vehicles. The objective (of the invention) is “to provide a motor vehicle comprising an electric axle which is simpler to manufacture”.


As depicted in the schematic drawings, the axles can be made of L-shaped modules. Each of these modules comprises an electric motor (EM) and a set of gears and shafts enclosed in a case (GTC). Depending on the requirement, they can be formed into a T-shaped or U-shaped axle; the latter frees up space (clearance area) for an Internal Combustion Engine or a battery pack.


More drawings depict the internals of the GTC. These modules will make the front and rear axles mechanically independent. It is fairly clear that the patent and the drawings mostly talk about the modularity of the concept and the possibility of different orientations of these modules. More drawings and information is available from the source link below.

Source: taycanevforum

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