Kia recalling DCT variants of Seltos for a software update?


As we all know, the Kia Seltos has topped the sales charts ever since it was launched in India in August 2019 and has won awards from everyone. In November 2019, the company sold over 14,000 units but the December 2019 sales of 4,645 units saw a month-on-month (MoM) decline of 67 percent. However, the bookings continue to reach an unfathomable number.

Now that a lot of people are driving the Seltos, the real-world user reviews are surfacing online. The top ones are freezing of the infotainment system and overheating of the DCT; the latter seems to be bothering a lot of people. Just to remind, the 7-speed DCT is paired with a 1.4-litre turbocharged petrol engine.


The owners are sharing their user reviews in a dedicated group on social media. The DCT used in the Seltos appears to be a dry clutch type, which might not necessarily be the best one when it comes to handling the heat, literal or otherwise. It is apparently throwing up an error message in the MID asking the driver to pull over for some time.

The folks at the service centres are reportedly advising the drivers to slot it to neutral (and hold the brake) at traffic signals and at stop-go traffic in order to prevent the DCT from overheating. While the DCTs are fun when you have an open stretch of road or on autobahns, as they use two separate clutches for odd and even gears and constantly pre-select them, the “creep” functionality in bumper-to-bumper urban traffic is where they get rather uncomfortable, naturally.

Another user review in a popular online forum says that the DCT in his Seltos skips 1, 3 and 5 gears. One of the forum members has discovered that there’s a recall going on in South Korea for this exact same problem.

As for the Indian market, Kia seems to be recalling the affected cars through its dealers for a software update. However, there’s no official statement yet and it is unclear whether the software update will resolve both the heating and gear skipping issues.

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