This one-off Lamborghini Huracan EVO Aperta is a thing of beauty

Not many realized how good a roofless supercar looks until Lamborghini unveiled the Aventador J back in 2012. Except for that one-off, Lamborghini didn’t bother to build any more roofless, expensive toys, until a customer wanted to chop the roof off the Aventador SVJ recently. It is called the SC20. However, the Huracan EVO Aperta we’re seeing here is not an official one-off from Lamborghini. It’s a project car from Daily Driven Exotics and it almost looks as if it was specially commissioned via Lamborghini.

The Huracan EVO Aperta begins its life as an EVO Spyder. Not completely sure if it’s AWD or RWD; I believe it’s the latter. Besides chopping the roof off, the original black color has been hidden under a yellow wrap. Unlike the SC20, the EVO Aperta doesn’t have a tiny windscreen or any wind deflecting mechanism; which means, wearing a helmet is mandatory. The car also gets some carbon fibre bits from Vorsteiner.

A VF Engineering Supercharger bumps the output to over 800 hp, and a Fi Exhaust system rounds off the modifications.

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