Lamborghini Revuelto debuts with Y-shapes & 1,000+ electrified horses


A worthy successor? Yes, yes.

That’s right, the ‘Revuelto’ is the official name of the LB744 hybrid sports car Lamborghini talked about so far. And, the company had already shared significant information on this Aventador successor—weeks ahead of the full reveal, including its chassis technology and the plug-in hybrid powertrain. All that was left was to peel the camouflage off, and now it has happened.

Let’s talk about the way it looks, because, as mentioned, we already went over in-detail covering important subjects such as its monofuselage, aerodynamic improvements, and the PHEV powertrain just a few days ago. Alright then; at first glance, it does remind us of the Sian with its front fascia inspired by the Terzo Millennio electric concept, but it also reminds us of the Lykan with its tapered/triangular front-end and all the weird angles and sharp edges. But for all you know, Lykan designers probably got influenced by Lamborghini’s angular shapes. But anyway, notice that the ‘Y’ light signature at the front is mimicked at the rear. You can also probably notice Ford GT-like negative space in the B-pillars/flying buttresses.

As for active aero, you got an active rear wing with its position changing depending on the driving mode you’re in, or the computer’s decision on what’s best for that specific situation. However, there’s a dedicated rotary knob on the steering wheel to manually adjust the wing position. And, the specially designed carbon fibre front splitter’s central area channels the airflow to four rear vortex generators—consisting of narrow curved blades positioned in the underbody that play a key role in increasing the energy of the airflow. This, in turn, generates additional downforce and directs the airflow toward the diffuser. Thanks to the diffuser’s design and shape, it also performs a dual-role of helping the engine bay stay relatively cool.

In all, the cleverly designed aero elements are claimed to enable the Revuelto to increase the front aerodynamic load by 33% and the rear load by 74% compared with the Aventador Ultimae (under maximum load conditions).

The Revuelto measures 4,947 mm long, 2,266 mm wide (including mirrors) and 1,160 mm tall, with a wheelbase of 2,779 mm. While the width remains mostly unchanged, the Revuelto is significantly longer (+167 mm) than its predecessor. A 24 mm extra height should offer a bit more headroom for taller occupants. The electrified bull rides on a staggered wheels setup of 20-inch at the front and 21-inch at the rear, while buyers can opt for a 21-inch front and 22-inch rear setup. Lamborghini has partnered with Bridgestone to develop bespoke Potenza Sport run-flat tyres for the car (two run-flat variants and one tubeless variant). Brake discs (Carbon Ceramic Brakes Plus) measure 410 x 38 mm at the front gripped by 10-piston calipers and 390 x 32 mm at the rear gripped by 4-piston calipers.

The cockpit looks just as dramatic with a new dashboard design and steering wheel with lots of buttons. We already talked about the steering wheel in the previous post. In addition to a 12.3-inch driver display, there’s an 8.4-inch portrait-style central touchscreen and a 9.1-inch rectangular display for the passenger—similar to what Ferrari has been doing lately.

Lamborghini claims that the roof design offers 26 mm more headroom than the Aventador Ultimae, while the new monofuselage enables 84 mm more legroom, leaving additional space behind the seats to accommodate luggage up to the size of a golf bag. And, of course, the new seats are claimed to be more comfortable than the typical uncomfortable Lamborghini seats. Amazon Alexa connectivity and all the usual ADAS stuff are there too.


The aerodynamics work in synergy with the semi-active wishbone suspension setup, controlled by the Lamborghini Vertical Control system designed specifically for the Revuelto, which electronically manages vertical force exchanges such as sudden load transfers during track driving, adapting the suspension and rear wing behavior in real-time, the company said in an official release.

We already talked about the Revuelto’s powertrain in-detail in the previous post, but just to refresh, the Revuelto packs a plug-in hybrid powertrain that combines a 6.5-litre naturally aspirated V12 engine, 3 electric motors and an 8-speed DCT. The gearbox is now set transversely and behind the 6.5L engine to free up the central tunnel for a 3.8 kWh lithium-ion battery pack. Of the three, two electric motors are at the front (e-axle), meaning there’s no need to include an actual reverse gear—just like in the SF90 Stradale. Didn’t understand? The e-axle takes care of reversing the vehicle. The third electric motor is integrated into the aforementioned 8-speed DCT.

The ICE puts out 607 kW (825 metric hp) at 9,250 rpm and 725 Nm (535 lb-ft) at 6,750 rpm. The hybrid system output can be up to 746.5 kW or 1,015 metric hp, depending on the mode you’re in. Read more here.

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