2022 Mercedes-AMG SL shows its high-tech interior with 2+2 seats


It has become a new tradition for Mercedes-Benz to reveal the interior first prior to a full reveal of an important product. After the G-Class, A-Class, S-Class and the EQS, it’s now time for a brief look at the upcoming R232 SL-Class interior. In fact, Mercedes has already shared a few more important things about the new SL, such as its lightweight aluminium space frame and that it’ll be an AMG-only offering.

Anyway, let’s take a look at the new SL’s interior. Besides all the obvious, modern tech, the one big difference you’d notice is the return of the 2+2 seating configuration after the 1989 R129 SL. Those seats might appear as really a “small difference”, but are useful nonetheless to carry some extra luggage. In fact, Mercedes suggests that those +2 seats can be used to carry a golf bag, for example. And when there’s nobody sitting in the back, a wind deflector (Mercedes calls it draught-stop) can be activated for a more comfortable road trip. Although Mercedes claims that the rear seats are suitable for people up to 1.50 metres tall, it’s probably best to use ’em as a luggage space or maybe for kids.


The dashboard and the centre console has all the latest components such as the MBUX system and turbine-style air vents you might have seen in other latest Mercedes models. The driver gets a high-resolution 12.3-inch display, while the central touchscreen is of 11.9-inches and its angle is adjustable. Notice the NACA duct-style design element upon which the central display sits. Ambient lighting offers up to 64 colors, and yes, a head-up display is optional.

An AMG-only offering also means that the new SL will be a 4Matic (AWD). But let’s wait for a full reveal.

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