Lamborghini Auténtica and Invencible mark the end of pure V12


As you probably know, the Lamborghini Aventador successor is not too far away from shedding its camouflage, and as you also probably know, it’s gonna pack a V12-hybrid powertrain, which is good news because the V12 engine is gonna keep going for a few more years at least. What came to an end, however, is the application of a pure V12 powertrain, with the launch of the Aventador Ultimae; the last Ultimae was a Roadster, delivered last September. But for some reason, the Lamborghini Centro Stile decided to create the Auténtica and Invencible; the one-off cars that’ll actually mark the end of a pure V12 powertrain.

The one we are looking at above is called the Auténtica; it kinda reminds me of the Veneno Roadster from most angles, and I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in that opinion. Notice that the rear-end has a pair of fins. The full carbon bodywork is mostly painted in Grigio Titans, complemented with contrasting bits in Matt Black and Giallo Auge pinstriping. The Giallo is also used to paint the calipers hiding behind the black rims.

The cockpit of the Auténtica Roadster closely matches that of the Aventador; I mean, it is an Aventador with a different bodykit, but what I mean to say is that compared with the exterior, the interior reminds more of the Aventador. Those hexagonal air vents are apparently 3D-printed. The upholstery is a two-tone combo of Nero Cosmus leather and Grigio Octans Alcantara, with of course, Giallo Taurus adding the necessary contrast.

A Roadster can never exist without a Coupe, right? And so, there’s also the Invencible Coupe, finished in Rosso Efesto with exposed carbon bits. The carbon bits are coated with some kind of a clear coat that is mixed with red flakes. The engine cover at the rear features hexagonal vents because it’s a Lamborghini and you gotta have as many hexagons as possible. The calipers are painted in Rosso Mars. Unlike the roadster which has fins at the rear, the coupe has a proper wing mounted on specially designed mounts.

The dark cockpit of the coupe features a generous application of contrast red as opposed to subtle contrast touches in the roadster. The upholstery here is a two-tone combo of Rosso Alala leather and Nero Cosmus Alcantara, accentuated by embroidery in Rosso Alala and Nero Ade. The dashboard features a Lamborghini logo in Rosso Efesto: the same color is used for the paddles on the steering wheel.

Both the Invencible and Auténtica are powered by the famous 6.5-litre naturally aspirated V12 motor that pumps out 574 kW (780 metric hp) and 720 Nm (531 lb-ft) of torque. The engine is coupled with a 7-speed ISR gearbox, a four-wheel-drive system, and the Lamborghini Dynamic Steering (four-wheel-steering).

Lamborghini didn’t share whether these one-off cars were commissioned by someone, or what that plans with the cars. Neither it shared the prices, of course. However, the Chairman & CEO Stephan Winkelmann had the following to say:

“As we head towards embracing a new era of hybridization at the heart of our Cor Tauri strategy, this is the Lamborghini way of celebrating the naturally aspirated V12 with two one-off vehicles that perfectly represent our concept of excellence in personalization.”

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